3D robot vision with one camera

A New Dimension of Robot Guidance
MONO3D: A Cost-Effective Process for Many New Applications

In the past, the available processes and equipment for 3D measurement were too complex, too expensive and thus not economically efficient for many applications. Until now, at least two - and generally more - cameras, including the necessary peripheral equipment, were required to define the positions of objects in a room. This is why they were only used, primarily, for highly sophisticated tasks that justified the expenditure, such as the position definition of entire auto bodies in the automotive industry. MONO3D is the solution to this problem.

The new 3D robot guidance process operates with only one camera, which opens up entirely new perspectives for cost-effective image processing applications in all the important industries. It is now possible, from one single captured image, to precisely define a three-dimensional object based on the measurement of only three criteria in all six degrees of freedom (position and orientation).

MONO3D features
  • Considerable savings in equipment outfitting and low operating costs
  • Sensor GigE based
  • High flexibility
  • Variable operation
  • Stationary
  • Mobile, on the robot arm
  • On-the-fly
  • Combination of several systems
  • Integration in practically all production and controlling processes
  • Simple, time-saving installation
  • Low space requirements and ease of integration in confined spaces
  • Short cycle times due to fast image processing
  • Simplified calibration as well as simple programming - also as a result of the teach-in function

  • Un-racking of stamped parts from a rack
  • Position recognition of engine blocks for un-racking
  • 3D position recognition of cast parts

Download: Plug & Automate

Download: Robot Vision Automation

Download: MONO3D Flyer 




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