Robot-guided inline measurement of gap and flush

The GFS3D sensor is used for the inline inspection of car body geometries such as gap and flush. By combining two sensors that measure gap variations, the system generates objective results in next to no time. The measurements can be conducted stop & go as well on the fly, helping to guarantee production quality.

Regardless of ambient light conditions, the GFS3D sensor delivers reproducible and reliable measurements of flush and gap dimensions, surface areas and radii on both painted and unpainted surfaces. The sensor is also equipped with a teach-in function for new component types that works without any additional hardware.

Product Details

  • Reliable results with high accuracy by combining two sensors
  • Flexible use for “stop & go”, “moving-line” and “on-the-fly” processing
  • Robust construction suitable for robot mounting and production environments
  • Robot interface for all common robot manufacturers
  • Robot temperature drift compensation
  • Measurement accuracy +/- 0.15 mm
  • Measurement time < 2.5 s incl. robot movement