Tailored application packages for fully-automated inspection processes

The flexible image processing solution VIVA resolves a wide range of automation tasks quickly and easily. The application packages for the presence check, quality inspection, metrology, and component identification are easy to configure and can be adapted to your processes.

The system monitors certain component features for:

  • presence
  • correct position
  • correct dimensions
  • correct color
  • correct affiliation
  • sufficient surface quality

There is no need to position the components accurately in advance, as VIVA comes with automatic object detection and component position correction as standard. It even reliably identifies and inspects objects that have been moved and turned, preventing complications in downstream process steps and considerably reducing costs.

Product Details

  • Suitable for any 2D application
  • Standardized user interface
  • Unlimited flexibility and ease of use
  • Configurable applications
  • Integrated sequence control
  • Multiple image processing tools integrated
  • Combination of all modules possible
  • Open interfaces