Detecting the position and orientation of unsorted components reliably, quickly, and precisely – even at different heights

The MONO2D and MONO2½D systems enable contour-based detection of components at different levels, for fast and cost-efficient automation of depalletizing and positioning tasks.

MONO2D is a compact, flexible sensor system that determines the position of unsorted components that are placed on the same (vertical) level, e.g. on a conveyor belt. It makes the need for cost-intensive mechanical feed technology and pre-positioning redundant.

MONO2½D can detect the component height along the z-axis, in addition to the x/y position. Therefore the system is ideally suited for automatic, collision-free unloading of all kinds of components layered on pallets or stacks.

As part of the Touch & Automate portfolio, MONO2D and MONO2½D come with an intuitive user interface and can be used without any expert knowledge. This allows the systems to deliver excellent process reliability. New component shapes can be configured in just a few hours. Compatible with all common robot types, MONO2D and MONO2½D ensure reliable production processes and automation for enhanced efficiency.

Product Details

  • Simple-to-use software with graphical user interface
  • Low space requirements and ease of integration in confined spaces
  • Suitable for stationary and robot mounting
  • Plug&Automate: ready to use in hours with any robot
  • Industrial communication interfaces for all relevant protocols
  • Efficient object position determination in 4 degrees = x, y, z and Rz
  • Cycle time below 500ms