Optimum position detection for flexible, high-precision robot guidance

The SHAPEMATCH3D sensor system determines the position and orientation of surfaces of any shape. The position deviations it detects are used to guide robots accurately. As a result, mechanical position deviations can be perfectly compensated, and therefore a wide range of car types can be produced on a single line.

The SHAPEMATCH3D sensors are based on tried-and-tested multi-line triangulation combined with integrated LED surface illumination, offering measurement accuracy in the submillimeter range. Depending on the application, multiple sensors can be combined as necessary.

The Flex version of SHAPEMATCH3D is the perfect choice for larger operating distances. Its camera and illumination components can be fixed in various locations within the cell and thus perfectly tailored to the environment.

Through its versatile software functions, the cost-effective automation solution can be integrated into existing systems with little effort, regardless of the robot manufacturer and model. SHAPEMATCH3D is suitable for stationary use or direct robot mounting.

Product Details

  • Reliable results with high precision
  • Product reference for robot vision tasks
  • Flexible use for “stop & go”, “moving-line” and “on-the-fly” processing
  • Robust construction suitable for robot mounting and rough conditions
  • Works in all ambient light conditions
  • Robot interface for all common robot manufacturers
  • Suitable for all production steps from press shop to final assembly
  • 1 to n sensor combinations for any part sizes and geometries
  • Protection flaps for sensor
  • Welding protection glasses
  • Typical measuring time of 250 ms or less
  • Accuracy of 0.2 mm