Early detection of defective products and quality monitoring of production systems: Based on the GFS3D sensor range, ISRA’s robot-guided 3D geometry gauging for gap and flush measurement inspects a large range of vehicle types and their derivatives inline and with utmost precision.

100% monitoring allows an immediate reaction to even the smallest deviations, ensuring that not a single defective component reaches the next stage of production.

The wide range of options for statistical analysis provides an outstanding overview of the production status and quality during operation. A warning system with adjustable settings can be established based on the process analysis.

With metrology, software and visualization solutions, our complete product portfolio provides mature technology that is specially tailored to the requirements of our customers and the demands of the automotive industry.

In-line Gauging

Directly integrated into the production line and based on the GFS3D sensor range for high-precision 3D gap and flush measurement, our robot-guided sensor system ensures 100% monitoring of all products.