Robot Guidance

Optimize production efficiency while reducing costs: ISRA provides process-integrated solutions for contact-free identification, location detection as well as high-precision application and monitoring of components throughout the entire process chain in the paint shop. Our systems ensure robust and highly precise processes, maintaining or even reducing the machine cycle times and achieving maximum availability.

The sensors are designed especially for the harsh production environment, withstanding shocks, acceleration and contamination. Suitable for use in all robots and communication interfaces common in the automotive industry, ISRA’s flexible robot guidance systems offer large saving potential. When part geometries are changed or new components integrated, there is no need for costly mechanical adaptation or even to completely reconfigure the cell. The system can manage a virtually infinite number of components.

Car Body Position Detection

The industry standard on the market: The camera system is easy to set up and ensures reliable, precise 3D recognition of the body position and orientation in stop & go operation or line tracking in the cell.

Cosmetic Sealer

 The highly flexible 3D robot guidance sensors allow the precise guidance of the robot performing the time-consuming sealing process for roofs, doors, hoods and flaps fully automatically. The result is consistent quality, especially for all relevant visible seams. Optional extras include high-precision inspection of the applicator to correct TCP of the applicator.

Glass Flange Application

Stationary or robot mounted, the robot guidance system for precise glass flange sealing prior to painting safeguards the sealing process in stop & go operation or line tracking.

Cavity Foaming

Mobile robot guidance systems for the fast and accurate application of PU foams by detecting cavity openings unique to each car model.

Automatic Plug and Seal Insertion

The stationary or mobile 3D sensor system is used for robot-supported installations of plugs and seals by identifying hole positions for each car model across entire application areas. The system ensures that a large variety of plugs and seals can be installed during the set cycle time of the cell.

Seam Tracking in PVC Application

3D sensor system for process-integrated, adaptive web guidance in the application of PVC seams.