Surface Inspection

Detect topographical and non-topographical paint defects reliably and safely to guarantee optimum product and process quality: ISRA’s inspection systems detect and classify all quality related defects on fully painted car bodies, ED coated car bodies, or exterior parts. The objective and consistent inspection permits 100% defect detection, classification, and analysis so that conclusions can be drawn on the fault causes. This brings production processes and quality up to a standardized level across all paint lines and manufacturing sites.

Maximum flexibility is ensured by a pre-installed classifier, which is capable of implementing customer specific needs and learning specific paint defects over time. For reworking, all quality related defects are displayed clearly on monitors in the reworking zone or marked with lasers. As an option, defects can also be marked automatically with marking robots and the off-sets can also be provided to automated polishing robots.

Inspection in both stop & go operation and line tracking makes it easy to retrofit existing lines.

Paint Inspection of Assembly Parts

Consistent quality in production through robot-guided 2D and 3D sensors for inspecting painted assembly parts to detect surface defects.

Paint Inspection of Car Bodies

Typically consisting of four robots each with one sensor, the system inspects an entire car body within the normal cycle time of 60s or less – in stop & go or line tracking operation. Defects can be visualized, marked or even automatically reworked.