Power Train and Blank Production

Powertrain requirements are becoming more demanding. The ongoing electrification of vehicle propulsion is also progressing. ISRA systems can help you meet all efficiency requirements in your production, automation, and quality assurance.

By using ISRA's intelligent robot guidance and quality inspection systems, you can easily enable robots to automatically feed a wide variety of components into the manufacturing process of powertrain and raw parts. They can be small or large, sorted or unsorted, on pallets, or in wire mesh boxes. Comprehensive quality control is also guaranteed, from individual part inspection to full inspection of modules, such as gearboxes, engines, batteries, axles, etc. 

The combined portfolio of ISRA and QUISS provides you the ultimate solution for every challenge you face. This technology helps ensure that your investment in automation and quality assurance pays off in next to no time and that your products are produced more efficiently and with consistent quality. 

Robot Guidance

Identify components without contact, detect their position accurately, and implement high-precision guiding processes

Quality Inspection

Ensure perfect and consistent quality of individual parts throughout the entire production process