Quality Inspection

Ensure uninterrupted processing while maintaining specified quality standards: Our in-process and post-process solutions provide the controls to monitor the automatic flow of automotive production, guaranteeing 100% quality inspection, and error-free procedures.

  • In-process: The sensors conduct monitoring in real time, delivering an immediate result that can be used to directly intervene in the process.
  • Post-process: The downstream monitoring system inspects all components for completeness, presence and other relevant features to ensure that all subsequent process steps run smoothly.

The data collected can be used to make existing processes more efficient in the long term.

Presence and Completeness Check

Stationary or mobile cameras inspect assemblies and components for specified properties, including completeness, presence, and correct position. Defective components can be removed or reworked immediately. This ensures that production in the press shop meets the quality requirements of the downstream processes to 100%.