Robot Guidance

Optimize production efficiency while reducing costs: ISRA provides process-integrated solutions for contact-free identification and location recognition of components throughout the entire process chain in the press shop. Our sensors ensure robust processes, maintaining or even reducing the machine cycle times.

The sensors are designed especially for the harsh production environment, withstanding shocks, acceleration, and contamination. Suitable for use in all robots and communication interfaces common in the automotive industry, ISRA’s flexible robot guidance systems offer a huge savings potential. When part geometries are changed or new components integrated, for example, there is no need for costly mechanical adaptation or even to completely reconfigure the machine. The system can manage a virtually infinite number of components.


Easy-to-use 2D and 2½D robot guidance system for stacking and unstacking of sorted or single components from pallets, boxes and cages, as well the automated picking of components from conveyors.


Robot-guided removal of sorted components of all sizes from transport containers through full detection of their 3D position in the bin space with a single camera.

Bin Picking

The simple solution for a complex task: The sensor system that empties containers, pallets, boxes or cages filled with unsorted components of all sizes fully automatically.