Enterprise Production Management Intelligence

The EPROMI software solution brings together the mostly isolated data from inspection systems and distributed production plants, connects it intelligently, and presents the results in clear ECOCKPITs. Implementing procedures based on the analysis findings increases the yield of production lines considerably.

The ECOCKPITs incorporate ISRA’s 30 years of experience from eight industrial segments to provide answers to fundamental questions for specific users and industries. The ECOCKPITs display the analyzed data in a clear and understandable form. Predefined or individual ECOCKPITs can be used as required.

Using predefined ECOCKPITs and preset data connections provides access to the data within just one day.

Product Details

  • Set-up within one day
  • 30 years of experience from eight industry sectors pooled in predefined ECOCKPITs
  • Prepared data integration
  • Everything from a single source (from data aggregation via an easy-to-use and even mobile-ready application)
  • Database: Microsoft SQL Server