ISRA VISION was founded in 1985 at the Technical University of the City of Darmstadt, Germany. Together with other experts in robotics and image processing, Enis Ersü founded ISRA Systemtechnik GmbH to rapidly transform scientific concepts into affordable high-tech solutions. Our technological advances that make us an industry leader throughout the world include:
1988 : · First front-end measurement system for automotive development won awarded the Hessian Innovation Award.
· Surface inspection of non-wovens pved the way for ISRA's current market leading position in Surface Vision applications.
1990 : · The first contour-based Robot Vision system for the automotive industry
· First marketable Robot Vision-based bi-arm robot system
· First flat panel display inspection system
1994 : · First system for 3D position recognition using photogrammetry - nominated first prize at the Hessian Innovation Awards
1995 : · First use of 3D Robot Vision in a paint shop
1996 : · ISRA supervises TEXAUGE, a commercial and scientific project for fast surface and texture inspection

In 1997, Enis Ersü combined many years of experience founded the spin-off ISRA VISION GmbH, with their main concentration on the target competency "Vision Systems". Highlights of this include:
1999 : · First 3D stereo Robot Vision system
1998 : · First system for drawn glass inspection
2000 : · Equipment of the Volkswagen Transparent Factory with Machine Vision
· Founding of ISRA VISION AG and going public at the German New Market

ISRA's international subsidiaries include ISRA VISION Inc., Lansing, Michigan/USA, a company specialized in image processing systems; ISRA VISION FRANCE in Lyon, France, and various other international joint-ventures strategically located near important production facilities of the automotive industry.
2001 : · First fully automated paint finishing inspection at Volkswagen
· Strategic collaboration with the leading print machine manufacturer MAN-Roland for inline print inspection
· Acquisition of Karlsruhe, Germany-based business unit of RMV Machine Vision from PREH Werke GmbH & Co. KG, an enterprise of Rheinmetall Industries, Germany.
· Acquisition of INNOMESS, Marl, Germany, a company with leading products in optical inspection of flat and automotive glass. This acquisition created the basis for a worldwide market leadership for flat glass quality control with a complete technologically advanced portfolio of products.
· Strategic cooperation with Grenzbach Maschinenbau GmbH, a world market leader in automation systems for glass production facilities. This cooperation would eventually develop into ISRA GLASS VISION by expanding and concentrating in this segment.
2002 : · Contractual agreement with leading German robot manufacturer KUKA for delivery of Robot Vision Systems
· Strategic cooperation an international leader in the warehouse commissioning industry
· Strategic cooperation with, Reifenhäuser GmbH & Co. Maschinenfrabrik, Troisdorf, an internationally leading manufacturer of nonwoven production facilities for inline nonwoven inspection
· Long-term contractual agreement with a leading manufacturer of production machines for coated glass plates using Surface Vision systems for coating inspection
2003 : · Increased competencies in the plastic film inspection field through the acquisitions of NANOsystems Messtechnik GmbH, Bochum and NANOsystems LLC in Gainesville.
2004 : · Reinforcement of the market leadership in the optical surface inspection field, in particular in the glass segment, through the integration of LASOR AG, Oerlinghausen and LASOR Systronics Inc., Norcross.
2005 : · Inspection of surface competencies at the Herten site
· Opening of the new building in Herten
· Full introduction of a complete new product portfolio for the automobile industry: 2D and 3D robot guidance, 3D inline quality measurement, and component identification
2006 : · Introduction of Powerscan for performing quality inspections of coated panes of various sizes
· Introduction of Formscan for contact-free optical inline 3D form measurement
· Introduction of Quickteach: a rapid and self-learning defect classification tool for surface inspection
2007 : · World market leader in the paper and metal segments due to the integration of Parsytec into the ISRA Group
· Top-class measuring technology: The takeover of Metronom Automation broadens the measuring technology capabilities for the automobile industry and makes ISRA a complete system provider in this area
· Extending competencies in the glass sector in Great Britain thanks to the integration of IAL Ltd.
· Top award – ISRA is one of the TOP 100 most innovative German SMEs
· Introduction of EasyEye: the most compact surface inspection system for maximum quality improvement
2008 : · Introduction of the SGS3D compact sensor for 3D inline measuring technology and robot guidance
· Introduction of the in-process SeamStar3D all-in-one sensor for 100% quality checking of seam profiles of any type
· Global expansion of the ISRA Group through the opening of sites in Brazil and India
· Introduction of BankStar: 100% quality checking of bank notes
2009 : · Focusing on quality in steel mills: Using knowledge gained for decision making ….locally, globally and networked. Introduction of the new software architecture EPROMI – Enterprise PROduction Management Intelligence, and the EXPERT5i modules providing objective ‘decision suggestions’, helping support process and production relevant decision-making
  · Strengthening our presence in Turkey for further expansion into the Middle East through the merging of two innovative companies: Vistek drawing from the machine vision knowledge at Istanbul Sabanci University and ISRA VISION with its in-depth machine vision experience
2010 : · Introduction of the 3D SHAPEscan sensor: achieving the previously impossible….
It is now possible, in an easy and flexible way, to remove unsorted parts out of a container (bin picking)
  · Presentation of a new Sensor for reproducible detection and evaluation of the smallest deformations on metal sheet surfaces: DENTscan
  · Increased opportunities in the growing solar market with the integration of GRAPHIKON GmbH in Berlin into the ISRA VISION group
  · Introduction of a new, efficient product line for the visual inspection of silicon-based solar wafers, cells, strings and modules: SOLARSCAN
  · Introduction of a new intelligent web break monitoring sensor for quick reaction times along the entire paper production process chain
  · Revolutionizing visual glass inspection: Announcing the new FLOATSCAN5D for 2011
  · For the process optimization, quality improvement and cost reduction in automotive glass production: the introduction of a new 100% inline screen print inspection system without the loss in production cycle times
2011 : · Introduction of SURFACE MASTER - "The" new generation of metal surface inspection: highest performance ensures for correct decisions on quality improvement, process optimization and efficiency
2012 : · Extension of technology expertise in optical 3D measurement technology: Acquisition of 3D-Shape GmbH, Erlangen, a specialist in precision 3D measurement systems
· New 3D sensor portfolio "Plug & Automatic": Highly flexible and easy to integrate standard products to increase productivity and efficiency in automated manufacturing
2013 : · Strategic expansion of the technology portfolio for production automation and quality control in the photovoltaic industry with the acquisition of GP Solar GmbH and GP Inspect GmbH
2014 : · Introduction of the first optical 3D inspection system for steel industry
· Revolutionary in production integrated quality control: "One" compact sensor for all tasks of the 3D robot guidance and 3D inline measurement technology - Area Profiles Scanner (APS) 3D


Portfolio-Erweiterung der 3D-Technologie

ISRA investiert erneut in 3D-Technologie und erweitert Portfolio strategisch mit Darmstädter Polymetric GmbH

Alles aus einer Hand:
Best-in-Class Printinspektion für Null-Fehler-Druck und optimalen Workflow

Der Globale Marktführer für Oberflächeninspektion ISRA erweitert das Produktportfolio im Bereich der Inline Druckinspektion

Innovative 3D Machine Vision Produktfamilie für Roboterautomatisierung „Plug & Automate“ mit dem Innovationspreis der deutschen Wirtschaft ausgezeichnet