Float Glass for Thin Glass

Efficient process control and outstanding quality: ISRA systems measure and inspect the optical quality, distortions, thickness, tension, and flatness of thin glass at the earliest possible point throughout the production process.

This gives you full process and quality control, while also allowing you to reduce both material input and waste.

Glass Ribbon Inspection

ISRA’s expertise and constant innovation have made FLOATSCAN inspection systems the industry standard. They provide high-precision quality inspection of the glass ribbon in real time. Fitted with exclusive technologies, the systems reliably detect and and classify all defects and provide tools to monitor the optical quality of the glass.

Thickness Measurement

Used at either the hot end or at the cold end, the measurement systems ensure that the glass ribbon has the correct thickness and width. With their high-precision technology, they make it easy for users to optimize the glass profile.

Stress Measurement

The systems measure both temporary and permanent tension inline with the utmost precision, ensuring cutting quality both on the float line and at the customer’s facility.

Laboratory Systems

These high-precision offline measurement systems can be used to check the float glass in quality laboratories or development centers. Fitted with exclusive technologies, they measure the flatness variations in the glass at micrometer range.