Microscopic analysis of selected defects

To ensure a reliable quality grading even with smallest defects, FPM-Review analyzes the defects detected by FPM-Inspect in greater detail using an automatic microscope. Based on the high-resolution microscope images the defect classification is re-checked, the size of the defect precisely measured and its position within the glass determined. The collected precise information ensures a reliable grading which sheets fulfill the specifications for further processing or delivery. 

With its large field of view – at highest image resolution – FPM-Review reliably locates and images all defects, even after transport across multiple stations.

The system measures the precise depth of the defects within the glass using a specifically designed distance sensor that is not affected by glass tilt or warpage. With the optional dual-head configuration, the system can review more defects within short cycle times.

The additional products FPM-Inspect and FPM-Edge complete the inspection line with surface inspection and edge inspection systems.

Product Details

  • Complete product range for surface and edge inspection, plus review station
  • Extremely short inspection line for thin glass substrates
  • Multifunctional sensor for surface and glass defects as well as scratches
  • Unique distance sensor design: not sensitive to glass warp or tilt