Glass Inspection

Reliable thin glass quality assessment for compliance with top quality requirements in display production: ISRA’s Flat Panel Master (FPM) product family is currently the shortest inspection line for thin glass substrates. It combines multiple inspection steps in a single system.

Our technologies detect and classify even the tiniest defects on the surface, glass or edges, while also monitoring particle contamination. At the same time, they collect and analyze inspection data to provide insights into defect causes, allowing users to improve the production process.

An FPM line typically consists of the following modules:

Glass and Surface Defect Inspection

Reliable detection and classification of all typical glass and surface defects, including the finest scratches. It can also be combined with a full-surface particle counter.

Edge Inspection

The industry’s only system capable of detecting edge defects and deviations in the grinding process, using high resolution images to create an all-round view of the entire edge.

Microscopic Defect Analysis

The automatic microscope classifies the defects detected in upstream process steps with even greater precision and precisely measures their size and position in the glass. The system reliably analyzes even the tiniest scratches.

Particle Counter

The system monitors the particle contamination on the substrate down to the micrometer range to ensure wash quality and gain quick feedback on faults in the wash process.

Substrate Transport

Ideal conveyor solutions for precise, non-contact transport during inspection.

Discover the innovative display glass surface inspection solution that covers it all.