Final Inspection

For attractive automotive glass without any optical distortions, by using patented ISRA technology, including automatic measurement and inspection systems that measure the optical quality of the panel and ensure robust automation. Based on individual customer specifications, these systems distinguish between flawless and waste products, in order to guarantee the required level of quality.

The systems detect and flag serial defects in order to save costs and reduce waste.

Inline and Offline Measurement of Transmitted Distortion

Using the patented ISRA measurement technology, the systems check the transmitted distortion of all kinds of automotive glass with high speed and precision. This flexible, non-contact technology is easy to integrate into the production line. ISRA systems are market leaders that meet all standards in the automotive industry.

Inline Inspection of Selective Defects on Curved Glasses

Detection of silkscreen printing and point defects in the clear view field: inline, fast and reliable. By inspecting products before delivery, our systems guarantee that the glass meets all quality requirements, resulting in satisfied customers.

Inspection of Reflected Distortion

Our technologies are the world’s first to measure the reflected distortion on automotive glass. As a result, they safeguard both the look of the glass and important functions like the ADAS system or head-up display.