Coated Glass

Safeguard the quality of your products and increase yield with full process control.

ISRA offers automated surface inspection for coated glass. These advanced systems reliably detect and classify tiny defects like pinholes, debris, and scratches, alongside larger defects like arcing and color deviations. ISRA systems are suitable for inspection on both the ribbon and glass plates.

Recent inspection applications

The glass inspection product portfolio is constantly enhanced with innovative solutions offering 100% defect detection for a wide range of applications, from float glass and automotive glass inspection to solar glass, pattern glass, thin glass and process glass inspection. Learn more about the latest product additions.

> Glass inspection innovations 

Hard Coating / Pyrolytic Coating

Detect all coating defects on the float line early on

Soft Coating / Magnetron Coating

Detect all coating defects on glass plates quickly

Technical Coating

Detect even the tiniest defects and irregularities immediately to guarantee the end product functions flawlessly