Cover Glass

Meet your customers’ highest standards for function and aesthetics, regardless of the material’s curvature and reflection properties.

ISRA’s high-precision systems for optical surface inspection and 3D form measurement inspect surface quality, curvature, varying shapes, and silkscreen printing on displays for smartphones, tablets, and the automotive sector. They immediately detect glass defects down to the micrometer range and even the tiniest deviations in shape.

The data collected allows users to optimize the process and permanently reduce customer complaints.

Recent inspection applications

The glass inspection product portfolio is constantly enhanced with innovative solutions offering 100% defect detection for a wide range of applications, from float glass and automotive glass inspection to solar glass, pattern glass, thin glass and process glass inspection. Learn more about the latest product additions.

> Glass inspection innovations 

Defect Inspection

100% inspection of cover glass: Detect, classify and pinpoint even the tiniest defects and inclusions precisely

3D Form and Flatness

Reliable 3D form measurement: Safeguard flawless end product function and boost customer satisfaction