World´s First Solution for Flatness and Waviness in < 10s

P2-3D is the first and only solution on the market that is capable of measuring the flatness and waviness of glass across the full surface in less than 10 seconds. It provides fast quality feedback, allowing users to optimize processes immediately for greater yields.

The system reliably measures the flatness and optical distortion of the glass in reflection at the start of every campaign. This prevents problems in downstream process steps while also guaranteeing an attractive appearance.

Unlike traditional time-consuming measurement methods that only provide selective results, P2-3D generates a full altitude map of the 3D form and a corresponding curvature map of the glass. ISRA’s patented stereo deflectometry technology makes this possible. The fast, non-contact measurement delivers reproducible results with precision down to the micrometer range.

Product Details

  • Reliable 3D measurement of form and curvature
  • For any position and shape of glass plates
  • Full surface 3D measurement in < 10 seconds
  • High measurement accuracy and repeatability
  • Fast measurement time and Immediate quality feedback