Architectural Glass

Full inspection of architectural glass plates to meet your customers’ high aesthetics requirements: ISRA’s advanced systems inspect the glass surface, edges or lamination in real time. They even classify the tiniest defects precisely and reliably. To prevent additional production costs, the inspection systems ensure that only flawless material reaches downstream production steps.

Inspection for Glass Defects

The optical inspection system guarantees complete glass monitoring even at high speeds. It reliably detects and classifies even the tiniest defects down to the micrometer range.

Edge Inspection

This reliable inspection system uses advanced technology to detect even the tiniest defects on the glass edges, reducing the risk of breakage. It also optimizes the grinding process to improve machine running time.

Coating Inspection

100% inline quality control after coating. The inspection system reliably detects all typical coating defects.

Monitoring of Color Homogeneity

Complete color homogeneity inspection for early and reliable detection of color deviations and inhomogeneity.

Lamination Inspection

These reliable inspection systems deliver full inspection of the lamination in real time.

Flatness Measurement

This system checks the shape, flatness and position of glass panes with the utmost precision, either after bending or before heat treatment.