Full-surface monitoring of color defects for maximum quality

The optical inspection system P2-Color provides full monitoring of the glass coating color. It detects color inhomogeneity precisely and reliably.

A combination of modern color camera technology and broadband LED illumination covers the entire visible color spectrum.

With 100% surface inspection, the system reliably detects color defects across the entire surface, guaranteeing the product quality delivered. It detects problems in the coating process early on, reducing waste significantly.

To guarantee perfect coating quality, P2-Color can be used as a stand-alone solution or to enhance the P2-Coating inspection system.

Product Details

  • Improved detection of scattering defects like scratches and water traces with "Color Angle Shift" technology
  • Full surface color channel system
  • Reliable detection and classification regardless of position and shape of the glass plates
  • Single or multi-angle view technology for one or various perspectives