P2-Inspect Architectural

Efficient production from the first process step

The P2-Inspect Architectural inline surface inspection system performs complete quality control on a wide range of glass panes, guaranteeing efficient production from the first process steps.

It uses advanced algorithms to inspect both the edges and the entire panel, even at high production speeds. As a result, the system can reliably classify all quality-related defects.

By detecting recurrent defects quickly and reliably, P2-Inspect Architectural prevents further processing of defective products and optimizes processes. This ensures a quick return on investment. The system is suitable for all pane sizes and thicknesses, and inspects even dark glass with high precision.

Product Details

  • Reliable defect detection regardless of position and shape of the glass plates
  • Real time defect classification down to the micrometer range
  • High-precision inspection, even of dark glass