Thin Glass

Advance your success and innovations with ISRA as your strong partner.

We offer a complete product portfolio of special quality inspection tools, from our particle counter to surface and edge inspection systems. These state-of-the-art systems are tailored to the latest market requirements and set benchmarks around the world.

Recent inspection applications

The glass inspection product portfolio is constantly enhanced with innovative solutions offering 100% defect detection for a wide range of applications, from float glass and automotive glass inspection to solar glass, pattern glass, thin glass and process glass inspection. Learn more about the latest product additions.

> Glass inspection innovations 

Float Glass for Thin Glass

Identify defects at the earliest stage of the production process with full glass ribbon monitoring

Glass Inspection

Meet the tough quality requirements of display production. Detect all defects on surfaces and edges reliably while monitoring particle contamination

Technical Coating

100% inspection of technical coating. Detect even the tiniest defects and irregularities immediately to guarantee flawless function of the end product