Reliable inline thickness and width measurement in the cold end

The optical inspection system FLOATSCAN-Coldgauge precisely measures the thickness, width and position of the glass ribbon in the cold section of the float line. Based on the principle of double reflection, the reliable system guarantees maximum precision, providing highly-accurate measurement values down to the micrometer range. It can be combined with the FLOATSCAN-Stress system.

With its patented advanced measurement technology, FLOATSCAN-Coldgauge is not affected by glass thickness, bending or tilt. The user-friendly interface is intuitive and visualizes processes clearly with individually selectable display options.

Product Details

  • Accurate thickness measurement tolerant to curvature, tilting, wedge form based on patented technology
  • Measurement capability down to 9% light transmittance
  • Tolerant to z-axis positioning
  • Large glass thickness measurement range (standard from 0,8 to 20 mm)
  • Full cross section thickness profile
  • Net and gross width detection and tonnage
  • Drift control