High-precision measurement of glass thickness and width at the hot end

Fitted directly after the float bath, FLOATSCAN-Hotgauge measures the thickness of the glass at the earliest possible point and provides high-precision measurement values for glass thickness and width down to the micrometer range, even for dark glass. This allows users to adjust the thickness as quickly as possible.

The system also increases process efficiency. Through its precision, it now enables glass production with lower thickness tolerance limits. This increases the quantity of marketable material and ensures a fast return on investment.

With its patented advanced measurement technology, FLOATSCAN-Hotgauge is not affected by glass thickness, bending or tilt. The user-friendly interface is intuitive and visualizes processes clearly with individually selectable display options.

Product Details

  • Accurate thickness measurement tolerant to curvature, tilting, wedge form based on patented technology
  • Measurement capability down to 9% light transmittance
  • Tolerant to z-axis positioning
  • Large glass thickness measurement range (standard from 0,8 to 20 mm)
  • “E-Home” (emergency home) returns the sensor back to home position in case of an emergency
  • Determines the absolute thickness profile with glass temperature compensation