Advanced offline system for high-resolution measurement results

LABSCAN-SCREEN is a system for offline measuring transmitted optical distortions on automotive glass. Developed for use in quality and design laboratories, it offers unparalleled precision. Fitted with ISRA’s patented Moiré technology, the system performs repeatable measurements and reliably detects distortions down to the millidiopter range.

It fully analyzes all glass and panel types both vertically and horizontally, using special filters to identify defect causes in the production process. LABSCAN-SCREEN therefore guarantees detailed process monitoring while analyzing the quality criteria at the same time.

ISRA’s outstanding technology has become the industry’s measurement standard and is used by many global leaders.

Product Details

  • Patented ISRA Moiré technology for high-precision offline measurement of curved automotive glass
  • In accordance with all existing automotive quality standard
  • Special algorithm for glass quality check for Camera Viewport Stereo (CVS)