Automated Optical Paper Web Inspection and
Web Break Monitoring

PAPER MASTER combines Web Inspection and Web Break Monitoring to guarantee 100% surface inspection and process control for all standard production widths and machine layouts. This automated, integrated optical inspection solution inspects at highest process speeds, finds all optical characteristics, and can be installed along all production and process steps of all applications in the pulp & paper industry:

Fine paper Coated paper Speciality paper Packaging board

Reliable defect detection of errors not visible to the human eye at feed speeds of up to 2000 m/min

Holes Dirt Wrinkles Streaks Spots Stains Roll marks Edge cracks

Integrated PAPER MASTER web inspection systems find, dependably analyze and classify defects. Detailed defect logging (size and position) as well as statistical evaluation is fundamental for correction later in the process cycles. All systems are based on a basic concept that can be customer adapted with almost
infinite flexibility.


  • Higher production efficiency
  • Flexible production processes
  • Improved automation level at increasing model and type diversity
  • Maximized machine uptime
  • 100% surface inspection and 100% documentation
  • No undiscovered rejects, guaranteed product security
  • Yield maximization and reject minimization
  • Production parameters optimized
  • Better then the human eye
  • 100% production automation and quality assurance


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Portfolio-Erweiterung der 3D-Technologie

ISRA investiert erneut in 3D-Technologie und erweitert Portfolio strategisch mit Darmstädter Polymetric GmbH

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