Optical inline plastics inspection systems guarantee 100% surface quality and process control for all standard production widths and speeds, optical characteristics, and production and process steps of:

PET sheets PVC sheets Coated plastics Adhesive strips PVC floor covering


Defect detection of errors not visible to the human eye

Holes Bubbles Pin Dents Impurities Spots Coating Scratches Streaks
    Holes       voids    

Detailed defect logs enable direct feedback in all production processes. In continuous production processes, these defect logs provide additional processing control should faulty areas are found by optimizing the cutting of products later on. Faulty sheets can be rejected directly from the production line.


  • Flexible production processes
  • Improved automation levels at increasing model and type diversity
  • Large productivity gains and improved machine utilization
  • 100% web inspection at 100% documentation
  • No undiscovered rejects, guaranteed product safety
  • Maximize yield and minimize rejects
  • Production parameters optimized
  • Better then the human eye
  • 100% production automation and quality assurance

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Portfolio-Erweiterung der 3D-Technologie

ISRA investiert erneut in 3D-Technologie und erweitert Portfolio strategisch mit Darmstädter Polymetric GmbH

Alles aus einer Hand:
Best-in-Class Printinspektion für Null-Fehler-Druck und optimalen Workflow

Der Globale Marktführer für Oberflächeninspektion ISRA erweitert das Produktportfolio im Bereich der Inline Druckinspektion

Innovative 3D Machine Vision Produktfamilie für Roboterautomatisierung „Plug & Automate“ mit dem Innovationspreis der deutschen Wirtschaft ausgezeichnet