Semiconductor Electronics

High-Speed Throughput for Substantial Cost Saving Potential in Semiconductor Applications
Semiconductor materials, especially compound materials, are known to be brittle and thus sensitive to cracks. Whether introduced during the wafering process, front-end or back-end/dicing process, invisible micro cracks present a high risk of interrupting the process chain, reducing yield and finally causing low customer satisfaction when shipping defective parts.

The multiview technology, based on high speed line scan cameras, enables high throughput applications and represents a substantial cost saving potential for production processes as well as high-precision quality controls along the production chain. Furthermore, it is universally applicable and intuitively easy-to-use. SEMI standards in hard- and software allow fast and reliable integration. High-speed line camera and illumination layouts provide superior defect recognition technology. In combination with SEMI-compliant proprietary software packages, it’s proven to deliver a significant decrease for over-rejected dies. Individually combined solutions range from stand-alone measuring devices through to SEMI-compliant “BOLTS” architectures, permitting a flexible integration in existing wafer handling.

  • Superior defect recognition technology with high-speed line camera and illumination layouts
  • Seamless integration into existing process lines
  • Detection of most defects (e.g. LLS, PID, COP and others) in high-speed
  • Tailor-made optical setup allows significant increase in detection performance
  • Significant decrease of over-rejected dies with SEMI-compliant property software packages
  • Flexible integration into existing and high-volume wafer handling systems
  • SEMI-compliant construction for clean room operation in FEOL

CrackScan is the most advanced solution for the detection of the smallest internal cracks in a wafer. The system is equipped with high-end technology: Special illumination units and cameras with a resolution down to the μm range enable measurements that push what is optically possible. In Front End and Back End, it allows users to identify and locate tiny cracks even on 12-inch wafers.

DebrisScan is a high-resolution 2D high-speed metrology system based on line camera technology. It uses an optical resolution of up to 1 μm for non-contact inspection of defects on wafer surfaces. This system can be attached to any existing wafer handling cluster, enabling different examinations and measurements to be performed at the same spot. DebrisScan can be used in Front End and Back End.

Download: Brochure CrackScan
Download: Brochure DebrisScan


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