Machine Vision with ISRA:

Ready for INDUSTRIE 4.0

ISRA VISION systems are designed based on an IT architecture that is ready for use in the emerging Industrie 4.0 environment.

With integrated computing capacity, WLAN and the forward-looking communication protocol OPC/UA, ISRA robot vision systems, in-line measurement and inspection technology are ready for use in networked production conditions.

Embedded processors and memory (embedded hardware) enable fast scan times, fast data processing, and time-saving customization (configuration or adjustments) of sensor settings:


New process procedures, programs, and updates can be installed as needed.

With ISRA's modular hardware platform, the technical equipment can be scaled effortlessly and adapted to specific tasks. The open, modular architecture layers and platforms combine optical sensor and classic automation technologies with state-of-the-art communication technology: High-resolution camera modules and fast-switching LED lighting are connected through wireless technology in a way that each component can be controlled separately via WLAN.

The processed image and sensor data from inspection and robotic vision systems form the basis for services that include artificial intelligence, data mining or event analysis. In particular, information-based services such as condition monitoring of production components and predictive maintenance, the forward-looking maintenance of sensors or products, can be implemented on an industrial scale. Optionally, a variety of machine vision learning services are available to be integrated into the systems. ISRA’s guide for programming user interfaces ensures an intuitive system operation.

ISRA utilizes the full range of technical solutions to enable Industrie 4.0 compliance of Machine Vision systems and to prepare for the opportunities that image processing in digital and networked production provide.