Carglass relies on industry standard from ISRA VISION

Optical measurement for a better understanding of the optical complexity of glass - Carglass®, the international specialist for replacing vehicle glass in original quality, installed ISRA’s proven industrial LABSCAN system at its laboratory in Hasselt, Belgium. The information gained from optical measurements allow the company to keep both, product quality and customer satisfaction high.

Download the success story and learn how Carglass® reach their high quality standards

Product Details

  • Reliable and repeatable measurement of transmitted distortion  instead of subjective visual method
  • Offline sample testing or process control at production sites
  • Supports R&D at quality centers
  • Quick and easy visualization of results, user friendly operation
  • Certified by well-known global car manufacturers for compliance with their technical specifications
  • Based on patented technology designed to meet global industry standards

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