Reliable surface inspection ensures the quality of glossy components

High-quality designs often feature components with reflective and glossy surfaces. Consequently, high quality demands are imposed on these products, which are often manufactured by injection molding. Processing errors can result in defects and imperfections on injection-molded parts.

Deformations, uneven surfaces, and indentations, for example, can significantly impact the function of the components. Reflective and also curved surfaces are usually extremely sensitive and difficult to inspect.

For quality assurance, this means two different challenges: First, the detection of cosmetic defects, and second, the recording of shape deviations. Learn how the SpecGAGE3D AOI system from ISRA combines both applications - defect detection and form control - in a single measurement procedure.

Reliably detect cosmetic defects

Cosmetic defects, such as burrs on the molded seams, impurities, or inclusions, are often negligible and are rectified in the further course of the process.

The case is different for surface defects that only appear after coating or painting, such as scratches, paint defects, or orange peel. These defects are immediately visible to the human eye, but are difficult to detect by conventional inspection procedures such as fringe projection or photogrammetry. Manual surface inspection of these components is laborious, expensive, and error-prone.

In contrast, automatic optical inspection (AOI) using SpecGAGE3D reliably detects the smallest defects and classifies them according to objective criteria

Reliably detect shape deviations

Typical defects of injection-molded components also include unwanted deformations that can be caused by incorrect temperature settings. 

In the case of optical components such as head-up displays, changes of shape in the millidiopter range already impact the function of the components. Unlike cosmetic defects, these deviations cannot be detected with the bare eye. 

ISRA VISION’s automated form control enables you to guarantee the quality of your components and avoid product recalls, product liability cases, and loss of reputation.

100 % automatic inspection with deflectometry

Automated, AI-based 3D quality assurance with SpecGAGE3D guarantees defect detection and form control in a single system.

Based on the measurement process of deflectometry, surface defects are already detected and classified during the production process. Shape deviations are calculated based on the CAD model.

As a result, the sensor ensures the traceability of production defects, the rejection of defective parts, and continuous process improvement, for increased productivity.

Benefits of 3D quality control with SpecGAGE3D

  • High measurement speed
  • Objectivity and reliability
  • Production optimization with clear defect classification and traceability
  • Capable of full automation: 24/7 continuous operation
  • 100% automatic defect detection and form control for reflective surfaces
  • Determination of stable and comparable values
  • Multi-part and large-part inspection
  • Global form and defect control in one system
  • Real-time production monitoring & process control

Inspection and form measurement of glossy or transparent components, such as

  • Automotive interior/exterior
  • Displays
  • Mirrors
  • Mobile end devices
  • Measurement process: phase-measuring deflectometry
  • Measuring fields: 300 x 200 – 600 x 400 mm²
  • Lateral resolution: ~ 20–240 µm
  • Typical measurement time: 3–12 seconds 



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Efficient 3D Quality Control with Deflectometry

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This way reliable 3D surface inspection ensures high-quality injection molded parts.

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