Envisioning solutions for Surface Inspection, Quality Vision, Industrial Metrology, and Robot Vision

Minimizing downtime, scrap, and rework is critical in highly automated manufacturing industries. From the automotive to the plastic industry, the core competencies of ISRA VISION / Perceptron play an essential role in shaping and controlling these manufacturing processes - today and in the future.

In addition to quality inspection, robot guidance, industrial metrology, intelligent data management, and analysis tools are crucial building blocks for your economic success. 


Surface Inspection

Quality assurance at the highest level: Surface Inspection from ISRA VISION / Perceptron captures form and surface properties inline, offline, or next to the line. Our solutions are optimized for short measuring times and high accuracy. They can be adapted to your needs in different configurations to ensure optimum process reliability and product quality.

Thanks to comprehensive know-how in metrology, automation, and robotics, ISRA VISION / Perceptron offers individual solutions with which you can detect defective parts in time and increase the quality of your products.

Perfection for Mirroring Components

3D Surface Inspection with SpecGAGE3D


Fully Automatic 100 % Optical Inspection in the Paintshop

Fully automatic inspection of painted parts

A new level of quality assurance


Quality Vision

Thanks to QUISS technologies, we offer state-of-the-art solutions for applying adhesive beads ensuring compliance with specified quality standards, 100% quality inspection, and defect-free processes. The systems collect data that can be used to further improve process quality, efficiency, and productivity.

Foreign object detection with high-resolution point cloud generation and multi-stereo quad-camera technology complements the Quality Vision area.

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Bead inspection systems from ISRA VISION / QUISS are reliable solutions for high-quality gluing and dispensing applications at robot speeds up to 600 mm/sec.

  • 100% inspection of width, height, and position of the adhesive bead
  • For all types of adhesives and surfaces
  • Intuitive user interface and clear OK/NOK classification

Contamination with foreign bodies in highly complex manufacturing phases - such as battery production - can severely disrupt production processes and functionality. Manual visual inspection is subject to variations in terms of reliability - even with trained personnel. Only automatic inspection can guarantee perfect production quality. 

  • Automatic detection of foreign objects
  • Suitable also for highly complex components 
  • Automotive: Car body, attachment parts, interior & exterior parts, battery
  • Heavy truck & agriculture


High-quality bead inspection in every dimension for full flexibility


High quality in-line bead inspection for industrial dispensing applications


A straightforward solution for dedicated spot inspection in visual bead quality control


High quality bead inspection for full flexibility


Industrial Metrology

Detect, visualize, and immediately react to even minor deviations: Industrial metrology from ISRA VISION / Perceptron ensures 100% control of all products in the production line. Corrections in the production process can be implemented immediately.

Robot-guided sensors from ISRA VISION / Perceptron check the quality of selected features in the production cycle. They quickly identify quality problems and correct them, thanks to a clear data management and analysis tool.

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ISRA VISION / Perceptron’s fully automated, non-contact Gap and Flush solution measures the relationship between mating parts and directs your personnel where to adjust and what to correct in the manufacturing process. Ideal for glass, chrome, polycarbonate, carbon fiber, sheet metal, painted metal, and more - without sprays, stickers, or auxiliary fiducials on your part.

Find and fix quality issues immediately on the plant floor: Inline metrology solutions with AccuSite are the most accurate robotic measurement solution available allowing you to measure where you manufacture. AccuSite complements your system and turns the robot into a simple mover by eliminating all the robot’s mechanical drift and temperature influence from the measurement results.

  • Automotive
  • Automotive Tier 1+2
  • Battery production
  • Heavy truck & agriculture vehicles
  • White goods


The Highest Accuracy for Robotic Measurement


Accurate Gap and Flush Measurement Solution


3D Scanning Sensor Optimized for In-Line Measurement


Robot Vision

Optimize the flexibility and efficiency of your automated production simultaneously: Robot vision from ISRA VISION / Perceptron performs robot guidance tasks reliably and precisely. A fully automatic calibration shortens setup time, and the fast teach-in supports commissioning and process changes.

Integrated gripping planning and robust object recognition ensure stable processes. Our solutions allow fast setup with minimal downtime with interfaces to all standard robot brands.

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  • 3D path guiding
  • Component position detection
  • Body position detection
  • Cosmetic sealing
  • Bin Picking
  • Depalletizing
  • Racking / Deracking
  • Best-fit assembly
  • Cockpit mounting
  • Front-end installation 
  • Door insertion
  • Wheel mounting
  • Automotive
  • Automotive Tier 1+2
  • Battery production
  • Heavy truck & agriculture vehicles
  • White goods


Bin Picking - Maximum performance for highest flexibility


Bin Picking - Highest accuracy for smallest parts


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