Empowering safety, performance and sustainability of ev batteries throughout the manufacturing process.

Electric vehicle (EV) manufacturers are accelerating the cadence of introducing new models to the market, but face multiple challenges along the way, such as meeting the demand for shorter charging times or reduced battery weight. Many challenges concerning safety, performance and sustainability reside in the battery manufacturing process itself.

Producing materials for batteries and assembling batteries into EV-powertrains is a complex process. It requires 100% defect free raw materials and battery cells on the early stage of production as well as fast and accurate vision guided tools for integrating batteries into the compartments. 

ISRA VISION – as part of and in cooperation with the global Atlas Copco family – offers the right solutions from battery component and cell inspection to battery assembly and EV-powertrain integration.

Do you want to know more? ISRA VISION and Atlas Copco offer a broad portfolio of innovative technologies and tailored solutions. Our subject matter experts possess deep knowledge and competence from battery cell and component inspection to EV battery assembly and final manufacturing and can help you driving the future of electric vehicle battery production. 

Boost the production of electric vehicle batteries to drive electromobility.

Select your point of interest and discover how ISRA VISION can help you solving your challenges in every step of the EV battery manufacturing process or visit the Atlas Copco battery touch-point.