Printed corrugated materials are booming. Displays, shelf-ready material or secondary packaging require high reproduction quality. With CartonSTAR from ISRA, you will be able to inspect the print quality in an instant.

CartonSTAR is a 100% inline inspection system optimized for the post-print production of direct corrugated cardboard. It features enhanced functionality to compensate for typical substrate structures ensuring reliable real-time detection of relevant defects, therefore avoiding waste.

Increase the print quality and reduce waste with the inline inspection system for Carton Board.

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Strengthen your market position and benefit from a 100% inline inspection system that:

  • Helps your operator to shorten defect life-span
  • Will significantly decrease your cost of quality through 100% inline inspection and reduce waste
  • Offers unique features and options that meet the challenges of print inspection on corrugated board, including a comprehensive job report showing the entire set of events, diagrams and defect galleries protecting the user from any unjustified claim
  • Supports the automatic removal of defective sheets to assure a consistently high quality of deliveries to the brand owners
  • Generates precise defect classification that distinguishes relevant from non-relevant defects to comply with individual customer requirements
  • Delivers ROI usually in less than one year by reducing waste and customer rejection

Rely on our experience of over 35 years that can double your profit margin and your cost of quality in half. You can also download our product information, a case study or schedule a complimentary consultation with our experts.

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