EPROMI Live: System and quality status accessible from anywhere

The superior EPROMI software solution brings together the data from your ISRA inspection system and makes the system and quality status accessible from anywhere. Since it is a browser-based solution, no client software installation is required. A simple and self explanatory visualization of data and different widget types allow to visualize data ranges, thresholds and trends. With live status information available at any point in the production line and automatic alarms, problems can be noticed and solved quicker. With EPROMI your downtimes are shortened and your production costs are going down.

EPROMI (Enterprise PROduction Management Intelligence) releases the manifold potentials hidden in your production data. Based on the collected production and test data EPROMI helps you to derive economic decisions along your value chain. Use the collected data to analyze trends in your production process to increase yield and the quality of your product. 

EPROMI Live: What to expect from the new version?

Take your production data analysis for your ISRA inspection system to a new level: 

  • System and quality status accessible from anywhere
  • Simple and self explanatory data visualization with different widget types
  • Low training effort to navigate the software and understand the displayed data.
  • Different information shown in multiple dashboards for different user groups or use cases.
  • Threshold management and automatic alerting via dashboard message or E-Mail.
  • Easy third party integration allows to combine all quality related data in one dashboard.

EPROMI Live serves as a key strategic tool for your production data analysis within shop floor management. Analyze inspection data live to optimize your product portfolio. Use statistics to increase process efficiency and uncover hidden information that impacts your product results.

System health data monitoring minimizes down time

Often material can only be sold if it was inspected or the quality is known. Unexpected down times of the inspection system or it’s components lead to scrap product. With live status information available at any point in the production line and automatic alarms, problems can be noticed and solved quicker.

Dashboards for system health data allow potential problems to be anticipated and acted upon before a problem occurs. This effectively prevents downtime.

Quality data monitoring allows faster reaction to arising quality issues

Quality results from the inspection system (e.g. number and type of defects) are key parameters that influence if the material can be sold – and at what price.

If information about the currently produced quality is available from anywhere and easy to understand, arising issues and production problems can be noticed immediately and the quality improved.

In case of critical quality issues alarms can notify the responsible users immediately. Overviews of key quality information and live trends can help optimize production parameters to increase the quality and increase the yield. 

Key Features of EPROMI Live

  • Visualization of online and historical data using over 15 different types of widgets
  • Predefined dashboards designed for each specific industry and application
  • Code-free Dashboard Designer 
  • Drill down functionalities for hierarchical analysis
  • Mobile access
  • Live insights from real time data
  • Full overview on machinery and process
  • Overview on production data and plant status
  • Notice problems or errors immediately
  • From any location 
  • Get notified about exceeded threshold via Email or SMS
  • React quickly before yield is lost or critical components fail
  • Seamless integration of third party systems and sensors
  • Scalable platform solution
  • Based on global standards

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