Proven turn-key solutions with unrivalled defect detection for flawless glass products – guaranteed, no matter what kind of glass

ISRA VISION´s unique, innovative and comprehensive portfolio of products for optical inspection of glass products is perfectly suited for almost all production steps in the glass industry: from inspecting the glass ribbon through to the thinnest display glass; from processing sheet glass to business intelligence.

Inspection systems do not only detect defects, but also help to monitor processes and optimize yield. They pinpoint where and why defects occurred. In this way, you get important information enabling you to significantly improve production and thereby achieve better results.

Introducing the PowerPlate (P2) product family

PowerPlate (P²) is a powerful and modular product family for automated inspection of sheet glass products. It works in-line with your production and achieves a rapid, non-contact and 100 % surface quality monitoring of clear, coated/colored, or processed glass. Thanks to its modularity, all P² family members can be flexibly combined with other modules in the Power Plate (P²) product family for a complete inspection workflow. 

PowerPlate (P2) Powder

While float glass is the most used type of glass in the world today, coatings are becoming more widely used as the global market demands for example more energy-efficient glass.

During the transport of float glass, adhesive forces and chemical reactions can cause the panes to stick together so strongly that they cannot be separated again.

Furthermore, transportation or storage creates a risk of glass surface corrosion. Glass interleaving powders are applied onto glass sheets to prevent this degradation and to protect coatings. 

ISRA´s latest development within the P2 family helps to detect the number of interleaving powder particles applied on the glass surface – no matter whether these are beads or acid particles - and gives statistics about the bead size

In addition, it reports both, the area coverage and the density of powder by particle type. P2 Powder allows you to get detailed visual real-time measurement data. Furthermore, it can be fully integrated with plant control equipment and plant networks.


PowerPlate (P2) Coating

The P2-Coating inline inspection system provides complete inspection of coating quality on glass plates and is suitable for use in all coating processes.

It detects and classifies all typical coating and arcing defects precisely and reliably. Its integrated evaluation system ensures uniform coating applications and detects inhomogeneities or large deviations in quality.

Only flawless material reaches downstream production, increasing production yield permanently. The system detects problems in the coating process early on.

  • 100 % defect detection on float and processed glass
  • Outstanding inspection at full production speeds
  • Reliable real-time classification
  • Complete process monitoring
  • Yield optimization
  • Coating inspection
  • Coating color monitoring
  • Laminated glass inspection
  • Optical quality measurement
  • Glass defect inspection
  • Edge inspection
  • Cut Inspection
  • 3D form measurement

Flat Panel Master: Surface inspection in display glass manufacturing

Learn how optical surface inspection helps to cut quality costs and increase productivity.


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