100% inspection of extruded profiles on single- and multi-strand lines

EXTRUSION MASTER inspects extruded profiles for surface defects. This allows users to detect defective material early on and prevents non-marketable material from being processed unnecessarily. Users can also immediately correct defect causes (e.g. tool faults).

EXTRUSION MASTER is fitted with highly flexible sensors for inspection of all sides that automatically adjust to the frequently changing dimensions of the workpiece.

Increase yield and lower scrap by up to 30% in extruded aluminum profiles production. Register for our On-demand Webcast and learn how you can benefit from our exclusive surface inspection technology – only from ISRA


Achieve 100% automatic surface inspection of extruded aluminum profiles and benefit from:

  • Achieving a significant reduction in scrap production from extrusion press to downstream processes like coating and anodizing
  • Inspecting profiles of different shapes and sizes without new set-up
  • Timely extrusion press shut-off through early detection of relevant defects such as blisters, pick-ups, or die-lines
  • Predicting maintenance events such as optimal timing for die exchanges
  • Fast ROI that begins after only a few days due to quick system set-up
  • Optimize extrusion speed and billet heating in order to increase yield

Sign up for our On-demand Webcast and learn about the benefits of our inline surface inspection of extruded profiles. Rely on our experience of over 35 years and over 1000 applications worldwide. You can also download our product information, read our success story or schedule a complimentary consultation with our experts.



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