An Industry First in Nonwoven: Embedded Color Cameras for 100% Ultra-Quality Inspection

Due to increasing demand for the highest quality of  nonwoven-based products, even more precise 100% quality control is required to deliver flawless products and to meet customer expectations.

Meet our experts at Index 2021, booth 2618 in hall 2, to talk about your process engineering challenges. Learn how to optimize the quality of nonwoven-based products with ISRA's ultra-quality inspections. 

All-in-one Embedded Color Camera


Stay ahead of your competition by using the new All-in-one Embedded Color Camera with additional real-time Multi-Scan (RMS) technology

  • Best-in-class defect detection for a zero-defect strategy
  • Identifying difficult to detect process errors such as oil stains
  • Correctly classifying and preventing pseudo errors 
  • Reliably detecting dirt, thin spots, and holes in the material


Whenever rule-based classification is not feasible enough and you need extraordinary classification performance, ISRA’s QuickTeach comes into play. It greatly exceeds the capabilities of standard classification approaches, and you can perform teach-ins with just a few images - inspired by life-long learning AI systems - and classify with the utmost precision - even from the 1st day on.

Converting Inspection

Achieve guaranteed delivery of only flawless material to customers and total quality assurance of the daughter rolls. Optimize converting processes in nonwoven production to increase your yield from each roll. The collected inspection data can be used effectively during cutting or when repairing a roll.

Rewinder Inspection

Efficiently remove critical defects from the roll by utilizing the ISRA Rewind Manager. This enables you to control a rewinder, navigate accurately to surface defects such as insects or dirt spots, repair defects in a targeted way, or remove foreign particles. This can turn waste into marketable products at low cost.

Beyond Inspection Tools

Reliably classify all relevant defects and optimize inspection recipes. Our Beyond Inspection Tools deliver more than inspection. They process the recorded inspection data and realize additional opportunities in optimization, validation, and data evaluation.

Offline Recipe Manager

Verifying, optimizing, and creating inspection recipes offline reduces set-up times considerably, maximizing inspection efficiency and minimizing costs. Recipes can be managed and standardized centrally, guaranteeing uniform quality specifications at every production line around the world.

Your partner for growth in nonwovens

ISRA's inspection technology is based on 35 years of experience with thousands of installations and supports you to reduce costs, increase detection, and optimize yield.

Visit us in hall 2 at booth 2618 and discover cost saving potentials through our innovative ultra-quality inspections.


Get in touch if you have any questions. We would be happy to advise you.


Optimize the quality of nonwoven-based products with ISRA's ultra-quality inspections. Download cost saving information now!

EPROMI: Making the invisible cost savings visible

Real-time data intelligence for valuable insights.

Composite Inspection

Achieve 100 % Saleable Production

Inspection des matériaux composites

Atteindre 100 % de production vendable

Surface inspection for converting applications

Increase throughput, optimize process

Inspection de surface pour les applications de transformation

Augmenter le débit, optimiser le processus

Customer Support and Service

Find out about our tailored service solutions

Assistance et service à la clientele

Découvrez nos solutions de services sur mesure

Inspection-Systems for NonWovens

Manage quality with automated inspection


Cost reduction using selective automated waste removal

Rewind Manager

Réduction des coûts grâce à une élimination sélective automatisée des déchets

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