Inspection for Printed and Unprinted Film during Converting: DualSTAR

Think dual - no matter what film needs to be inspected on your production line, the DualSTAR is the new standard for inspection. This unique inspection system combines the high standards of ISRA technology for surface inspection of unprinted film with the ability to also perform 100% inline inspection for printed film by the same system. It reliably finds both; surface defects such as gels, cracks, oil spots, and it inspects printed film for register defects, splashes, missing print, or color deviations.

Increase the quantity of your saleable material

Achieve maximum marketable quality thanks to this breakthrough technology. DualSTAR - the inspection system for all converting processes - be it rewinding, lamination, or slitting.

Benefit from only requiring one inspection system to be installed.

  • 100 % inspection of printed and unprinted with one system (film, paper, foil)
  • Most comprehensive supplier of digital assistance tools for first-time-right, stay right, deliver right
  • PDF verification – be right with the first impression
  • Continuous front-to-back registration, configure additional channels in one system
  • Coating and lamination inspection as an integral part for inspection along the workflow
  • E PROMI live:
    • Real-time condition monitoring of process and defect rate data
    • Health monitoring of important system components
  • Printed and unprinted flexible packaging films   
  • Personal care & hygienic film printing
  • Aluminium packaging for pharma, food & pet food   
  • Stand-up pouches, doypacks
  • High-resolution, high-speed color linescan cameras
  • Unique combination of ultrabright LED illuminations in reflection and transmission
  • Switching from surface to print inspection
  • Tracking of surface and print defects
  • Touch-based graphical user interface
  • Intuitive job setup & job management

Visit us at ICEC USA at booth 1232 in the AIMCAL pavilion and talk to our experts about how this new system can boost your quality and reduce customer complaints, or contact us already now.


Get in touch if you have any questions. I would be happy to advise you.


Luciano Menk
Surface & Print Inspection – Advanced Materials
Sales Manager

+1 (470) 489 6858

2-in-1: Inspect unprinted and printed films with only one system. Download cost-saving information now.

Brochure DualSTAR: 2-in-1 Inspection for flexible Packaging Film

100 % Inspection for Printed and Unprinted Film during Converting

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