Over 80% cost reduction through seamless inspection system for quality control

More brand owners than ever are relying on the striking impact provided by flexible packaging in order to further solidify their presence at the point-of-sale. Despite the high demand for innovative packaging solutions, manufacturers still face stiff competition, as the requirements placed on high-quality printed products are constantly increasing. In order to meet the growing customer demands, US packaging manufacturer, Plastic Packaging Technologies, relies on the PrintSTAR 100% inline inspection system for the quality control in their printing process.

With great passion and experience, the team in the print department at Plastic Packaging Technologies produces flexible packaging for foods, snacks and pet food. While this has always been the case, the path the path to defect-free print quality has improved significantly over the years, by switching the quality control procedure from offline to inline, thereby implementing an automatic 100% inspection system.

Plastic Packaging Technologies was able to cut down costs of customer complaints by approx. 80% due to the use of the PrintSTAR system. Read the full story to get the full view. 

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PrintSTAR is a 100% inline inspection system for continuous quality and process control of the print image, lamination, as well as coating. Using high-resolution line scan cameras in combination with ultra-bright LED illumination, the system detects and classifies both single and repeated defects in real time. 

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