Get to zero defects in your wafer manufacturing

The huge demand for semiconductor products requires even more precise 100% quality control to deliver flawless wafers and meet customer expectations.

Boost your yield while ensuring maximum quality and process reliability, even in ongoing wafer production. Our optical inline inspection systems reliably detect micro-cracks and substantially increase your production capacity. Due to the early detection of defects like etching residues on the front, rear, and edge of the wafers, you can save costs by removing defective material before it reaches the next stage in the production process.

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Micro-crack detection

Detect hidden defects inside bulk wafer material

Avoid expensive cleaning and long machine downtime – avoid letting faulty wafers enter the polishing process. CrackScan detects micro-cracks in time and sorts out defective wafers immediately.


  • Detect defects inside bulk material during the wafering and backend of the line processes
  • High-speed and high-precision inspection for 75-300 mm (3-12“) wafers
  • Reliable defect detection down to <5 µm crack width

Full-surface quality control

Fast full-surface defect detection 

WafQScan ensures 100% defect detection on the surface level of bare and processed wafer materials and diced wafers on tape with unique reliability and speed.


  • Quick, full-surface scan with MultiView technology
  • Automatic defect classification
  • Inspection module with SEMI hardware and software interface

100% inspection of wafer edge

Excellent quality assurance for wafer edges

Eject defective wafers early before they enter the downstream processes. EdgeScan detects defects such as chippings, cracks, scratches, or any residues at the wafer edge.


  • 100% inspection of the wafer edge
  • Defect detection to the outermost edge of the wafer while simultaneously rotating and scanning the wafer from 3 views.
  • Support troubleshooting procedures with integrated and automated defect classification

3D form control

Topographic inspection down to the nanometer range

Check bare, structured, or sapphire wafers quickly for defects as well as for shape and height deviations. SpecGAGE3D reliably captures the height, curvature, and contrast of the wafer surface


  • Fast measurement speed for short cycle times
  • High detection rate with very low slope variations
  • 100% surface measurement without mechanical motions


Increase your productivity: Ensure the traceability of production defects, the rejection of defective parts, and continuous process improvement.

Discover the benefits of our wafer inspection solutions and visit us at the joint booth of Silicon Saxony in Hall B1, 221, 21.


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Director Sales SEMI-EL

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