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To be an industry leader in the production of photovoltaic cells, companies must offer more than flawless product quality: Perfectly coordinated processes across systems, production lines, and factories form the basis for maximum profitability, safety from failures, and short downtimes.

To achieve this goal we have developed Connected Photovoltaics 4.0. The cloud-based software solution connects inspection systems and enables consistent quality settings in all production plants. It creates transparency, improves process control, and increases the profitability of PV production.

With its multiple software modules, Connected PV 4.0 meets major challenges in PV manufacturing.

Discover Connected Photovoltaics 4.0

Software Modules of Connected Photovoltaics 4.0

Central Recipe Tool

With the Central Recipe Tool (CRT), recipe adjustments including version control and releases, can be conveniently implemented centrally. Identical settings are rolled out to all lines at the click of a mouse. CRT makes factories with identical quality settings comparable.

  • Up to 15 additional production days
  • Fab-wide identical quality settings with a touch of a button
  • Higher productivity with reduced engineering time
  • Central editing of recipes
  • Recipe roll out with a mouse click
  • Central version control and recipe management
  • Texturing process
  • Coating process
  • Printing process
  • Final quality control

Batch Analytics

The Batch Analytics module combines automation metadata with measurement data and creates a batch-based visualization of the cell values. Noticeable measured values can thus be assigned to specific positions of the affected cells in previous process steps.

  • Maximized process stability with batch-based visualization
  • Trace back defects to process position
  • High output with timely intervention
  • Visualization of texturing and coating process performance
  • Data evaluation of complete process runs (batches) instead of individual wafers
  • Evaluation of results with reference to different sub-machines (e.g. chemical bath)
  • Texturing process
  • Coating process


The YieldViewer identifies process weaknesses in real-time. It provides a quick overview of the overall process and shows which lines are losing the most yield and what types of defects are occurring. Operators are enabled to prioritize troubleshooting.

  • Real-time production status, comparing different lines
  • Overview of which defects are occurring
  • Prioritize troubleshooting to safe yield
  • Real-time yield overview of all key-data
  • Central online display and permanent status control of inspection systems
  • Assistance alert and preventive maintenance schedule
  • Texturing process
  • Coating process
  • Printing process
  • Final quality control


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Brochure: Connected Photovoltaics 4.0

Cloud-based Production Control and Analytics

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