Mastering cell efficiency and production yield

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As decarbonization progresses, the demand for sustainably generated electricity will continue to grow in the future.

The design of a new solar cell production facility is complex and demanding. Whether you want to add intelligent inspection technologies to an existing production facility or plan a completely new factory:

The goal is always to keep the cost per watt as low as possible.

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A new cell factory brings with it a multitude of challenges. Many parallel lines with many inspection systems have to be coordinated.

We support you in planning and implementing your AOI projects with our experience and expertise. And thus create the conditions for efficient manufacturing of the future.

Our approach: More efficiency

Regarding reducing the cost per watt, two factors, in particular, are decisive: the cell quality produced and the running costs.

High-efficiency cells like IBC, Heterojunction, or TopCon have higher performance, but at the same time, their production and inspection are more demanding than that of standard solar cells. When multi-line concepts with 10 or more lines running in parallel, a short commissioning phase, and a lack of manpower arise, expertise is required to keep operation costs as low as possible and cell quality as high as possible at the same time.

Visionary solutions to meet your challenges

With ISRA VISION / GP Solar, you have a strong partner at your side who accompanies you step by step - from planning and technical implementation to service and support.

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  • Which inspection solutions fit best for which specific applications and cell technologies?
  • How can existing equipment be used as efficiently as possible?
  • How can new lines be put into operation as quickly as possible?
  • What is essential in multi-line management?
  • How can central system control and yield management be implemented?
  • We offer a unique inspection portfolio for the entire PV manufacturing line.
  • We have high-level expertise in solar cell inspection and understand the specific challenges of each cell technology.
  • With Connected PV 4.0. you keep a holistic view of your manufacturing chain - from the individual system to the global quality and yield comparison.
  • Tailor-made: Our inspection solutions are individually tailored to your requirements and cell technologies.
  • Short ramp-up: With our solutions, your lines are quickly up and running to full capacity.
  • Resource-efficient: With our solutions, redundant work is eliminated. You need less manpower for commissioning and operation.
  • Experienced: We are a strong partner with unique inspection technology and high implementation strength.
  • Availability: Reliable delivery, fast service and support.


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