Achieve complete process optimization and maximize yield on every line.

ISRA’s automatic optical surface inspection technology identifies even low-contrast defects at all production steps. It delivers excellent detection performance, even when faced with varying material finishes and structured surfaces.

The combination of sensors and specialized illumination technologies, whose parameters can be adjusted to meet specific application requirements, make it possible. High-quality defect data allows users to subsequently pinpoint the causes of defects.

Hot Rolling

Detect and identify all periodic defects early in the hot rolling mill, pinpoint their causes and correct them immediately

Cold Rolling

Reliably identify and classify low-contrast periodic defects with 100% inline inspection even at high system speed

Tension Levelling

Detect even the tiniest defects in an aluminum strip, pinpoint the causes and avoid expensive production downtimes

Organic Coating

Measure the surface structure of organic coatings reliably with 3D inline surface inspection


Full and reliable inspection of aluminum surfaces coated with photo sensitive lacquer 

Foil Inspection

Generate precise defect data and pinpoint defect causes, even by changing material properties


Inspect extruded profiles and remove defective material from production at the earliest possible stage


Enabling automated inline defect detection on blanks of any shape