Achieve flawless delivery quality while minimizing material rejects.

With its complete range of powerful inspection systems, ISRA offers full quality monitoring throughout steel production and processing. Our systems are easy to integrate at every step of production, from the slab to the coated sheet. The collected data not only provides a solid decision-making basis for enhancing quality and processes but also leads to waste reduction.


Reliably distinguish between material defects and surface structure

Hot Rolling

Detect periodic defects in the hot rolling mill and pinpoint their causes

Plate Inspection

Reliably detect and classify all quality-related defects on hot plates


Prevent under or over pickling and identify tandem critical defects with 3D inline surface inspection


Reliably detect and classify furnace defects in the annealing line– only flawless material is processed further

Stainless Steel Annealing Pickling

Detect furnace and scale defects in the annealing or pickling line

Cold Rolling

Reliably identify and classify low-contrast periodic defects with 100% inline inspection even at high system speed


Reliably distinguish between defects and regular surface structure on galvanized metal products  


Distinguish accurately between surface defects and coating thickness marks with 100% surface inspection

Organic Coating

Measure the surface structure of organic coatings reliably with 3D inline surface inspection

Recoiling & Slitting

Make objective quality decisions based on generated inspection data


Accurately identify relevant defects and distinguish them from pseudo-defects


Enabling automated inline defect detection on blanks of any shape