Guaranteed product quality, improved production processes, and no additional investment in material that does not meet the required end quality: The EXPERT5i line is a suite of software applications tailored to processes in the metal industry, harnessing quality data along the entire value chain.

Monitoring & Alarming

The modules monitor the ongoing production process, allowing a direct response to pending or current quality problems. Users can therefore make changes to a production process before waste arises.

Quality Evaluation

The EXPERT5i modules check product quality after every production stage and aid decisions related to material repair or reassignment if necessary. In addition to surface defects, the evaluation can incorporate other information such as measurements and laboratory test data.

Process Optimization

Modules support identifying process-related causes for surface defects. Specifically, they analyze the following:

  1. The correlation between surface defects and process parameters (e.g. casting speed, temperature, pressure, etc.). 
  2. The defect distribution (line specific or related to previous material), which allows users to pinpoint the defect cause.

These insights about parameters help prevent process defects.

Up / Downstream Information

Communication along the process chain is vital to making effective use of quality information. EXPERT5i modules connect the individual process steps, ensuring a fast response to detected quality defects. This protects downstream systems against damage and eliminates material defects.