Maximum productivity through intelligent use of inspection and process data

EXPERT5i modules intelligently connect and evaluate the inspection and process data collected along the production line. Compiling all available information helps uncover important correlations and untapped potential in quality management and production optimization.

For users, this means:

  • prevention of precautionary quality downgrading, resulting in the best price for each individual coil
  • fewer customer complaints with guaranteed product quality
  • lower production costs and no further processing of defective products

The use of EXPERT5i modules helps maximize productivity by turning quality into a calculable factor and systematically optimizing all production processes.

Product Details

  • Yield management with rulebased optimization and decision-making software (e.g. approval, reassignment and defect tracking)
  • Guaranteed product quality and fewer customer complaints
  • Reduced production costs and no further processing of defective products
  • Fewer processrelated surface defects through process optimization
  • Complete, crossline overview of quality data
  • EXPERT5i modules help achieve maximum productivity