Total Quality Management System

Excellent yield and fewer customer complaints: Surface inspection and quality evaluations provide vital information for controlling the entire production line. In addition to incorporating all relevant information to create a reliable data basis, a total QMS relies on bidirectional exchange with control and management systems.

Data Integration

The surface inspection results play a crucial role, in combination with factors such as laboratory results, online measurement values, and manually collected data. This makes high-performance interfaces to other data processing systems and support for manual data collection essential.

Intelligent Connection

Our QMS provides an interface that establishes bidirectional communication with other systems such as planning systems (APS), order systems, and manufacturing execution systems (MES). This makes it possible to derive quality limits from production planning systems and then provide commands to executing system units. Previously isolated systems are now joined into a comprehensive solution.


Our reporting module provides quick and easy access to the data generated by an individual process step, line or the entire factory. It demonstrates how various production parameters influence quality and yield, so that users obtain high process transparency with sustainable value creation.

Quality Management Circle

Starting from the customer order, quality limits are determined and then monitored in production – with alerts and warnings if the parameters are not met. After production ends, the final product quality is then evaluated. The overall analysis provides insights that help set quality limits.